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Awaken Health Center is the private practice of Dr Nancy Erb, who has dedicated her life to helping others through the practice of psychotherapy.
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Rent Our Space

Creative Space Solutions

We know our place is pretty special, so please contact us if you would like a tour! Consider our location for your next event or session! Our renovated spaces include fresh paint and new hardwood floors. The rooms have also been professionally Feng Shui-ed and continue to be energetically cleansed with crystals, sage, shamanic drumming, and mantras.

We also invite fellow practitioners, vendors, and healers who rent from us to list their events on our Community Calendar. Please call us for the Renter’s Packet and send us your information as soon as you can so we can include you and increase participation!

If interested in renting a room, amenities, or simply general inquiries, contact us for assistance. 

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