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Awaken Health Center is the private practice of Dr Nancy Erb, who has dedicated her life to helping others through the practice of psychotherapy.
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Additional Services

Reiki and Pranic Healing

Reiki & Pranic Healing

Both Reiki and Pranic healing trigger the bodies natural healing abilities by promoting a state of deep relaxation. These techniques permit the body both time and energy to heal itself, for when the flow of  “Life Force Energy” is disrupted, emotional or health problems can occur. These imbalances can be caused by various stressors in our lives.


Reiki & Pranic Healing FAQ's
How long is therapy?

Depending on ones’ health, treatment recommendation may be from one to numerous sessions. The sessions are not required to be scheduled on a weekly basis. The first visit will begin with a brief intake (history) and identification of presenting issues and goals.

When will I know when I'm done?

This question is often answered by the client and their presenting “symptoms”. Some may experience an “energy detox” and there is a possibility that one may temporarily feel worse before feeling the healing benefits of these treatments modality.  The  “Plan of action” is a structured  and written plan that includes goals and time frames. It offers the measurement of concrete progressive movement forward. Individual goals are broken down and dates of completion are planned and adjusted as needed.

How much are the fees?

Fees vary based on the duration of the session. Sessions may be scheduled from 1 to 1½ hours. The times of the sessions are predetermined and may be adjusted as needed. You may contact Dr. Erb for further information.

How can I pay my bill?

Full payment (unless other arrangements have been made) is due at the time of session. Cash, checks and most major credit cards are accepted.

Will my insurance benefits cover Reiki & Pranic Healing?

At this time, Reiki and Pranic treatment are not a covered benefit by insurance plans.

Is there any paperwork I need to bring?

You will have about 15 minutes of paperwork to complete prior to being seen. Please arrive early.  If you would like a jump start on the paperwork, you can collect and fill out the following items:

  • NET Wellness Check Online Questionnaire (please print out or email to Dr. Nancy) (attach link)
  • List of Medications and Supplements

Coming Soon…

Our Soon-to-be Offered Services

Therapeutic Touch

Theta Healing


Bach Flower Remedies

Heart Math

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