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Awaken Health Center is the private practice of Dr Nancy Erb, who has dedicated her life to helping others through the practice of psychotherapy.
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Nancy Erb


Dr. Nancy first learned of NET through her chiropractic experience as a patient. “NET was such a different experience for me. I didn’t realize that ‘feelings’ could be physiological in nature and suddenly realized why ‘talk therapy’ wasn’t enough sometimes.”

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is determined to be an effective treatment for trauma (including acute stress and PTSD) reported by the American Psychiatric Association. It is a safe and effective technique that desensitizes feelings to a particular event or trigger.


About Nancy

Dr. Nancy Erb has dedicated her life to helping others through the study and practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as her commitment to creating a community sanctuary.

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Nero Emotional Technique Certified

Therapy & VIP Coaching

If you are seeking assistance toward obtaining a particular goal and traditional talk therapy is not what you are seeking try “personal coaching”. Coaching 1:1 sets the stage for concrete goal-setting and accountability. It permits one greater flexibility in scheduling sessions.

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Reiki, Pranic Healing & Additional Services

Both Reiki and Pranic healing trigger the bodies natural healing abilities by promoting a state of deep relaxation. These techniques permit the body both time and energy to heal itself, for when the flow of  “Life Force Energy” is disrupted, emotional or health problems can occur. These imbalances can be caused by various stressors in our lives.

Additional Services

Points include the summaries of reasons, problems, do my college homework and solutions..